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Smartphone’s and Tablets the End of Printing? Far From It!

You’d think Smartphone’s and tablets would be the end of printing, far from it! Most documents are just easier to read on paper than on a small screen. And in the increasingly expanding BYOD (Bring Your Own device) world, employees and clients with mobile devices will always be wanting to print.
Printer manufacturers are only too happy to help, with hundreds of apps designed to print off your mobile device and onto paper. But, mobile devices weren’t designed for printing, nor were printers designed to talk to anything other than a PC or a Mac. The device and the printers may need to be on the same wireless network, or the printer may need access to the Internet. While some apps offer some ability to customize the job—such as number of prints, or size or type of paper—, iOS and Android devices get the most app options, the printouts might not look exactly like what you expect, because the apps can’t translate all fonts or formatting perfectly.
Platform independent solutions such as Goog…

Major printer manufacturers form ‘Mopria’ mobile printing alliance

As the Smartphone and Tablet industry continues to expand and the computing industry has nowgone beyond the desktop PC, the technology to print from handheld devices has fallen behind. But, a new alliance of printer manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Samsung, and Xerox, called Mopria, hopes to change all that.
The Alliance announced the formation of Mopria on September 24. It believes it will make printing from devices much easier with newly developed interfaces that give mobile operating systems more simplified printing software and allow apps to draw on that ability.
The Mopria technology will also govern printer technology so print jobs can sent by Wi-Fi Direct wireless networking or by tapping a printer with a phone that supports near-field communications (NFC).
Phil McCoog, technologist with HP's printing business, said "If you are a printer vendor, and if you are solely attached to a PC, where is your future? We are moving from a device that is a PC peripher…

Get Creative With Your Printer – Print, Build And Fly Your Own Handmade Kite

There are lots of great ideas that you can print off using your home inkjet or laser printer. All you need is a good printer and suitableprinter ink cartridges or toner cartridgesand you’re all set.
Here’s another creative project that you can use your home printer for:
Print your own pattern, to make your own kite.
You Will Need: 2 wooden dowels, 90cm (35″) and 120cm (47″) long. The longer dowel is the spine of the kite, the shorter dowel the crosspiece. Plastic sheeting or recycled garbage bags Strong tape, such as packing tape or electrical tape Twine Kite string or fishing line Tape measure Scissors Pencil
1. Download the printable kite pattern or print the image below.

2. Measure and locate the middle point on the crosspiece, mark with a pencil. Place the middle point of the crosspiece at right angles on the spine, about 30cm (12″) from one end.
3. Fasten the two dowels together using twine and tape. It is important that they remain at right angles to each other, and the midpoint of the cro…