My prints look faded after a new ink cartridge is installed

My prints look faded after a new ink cartridge is installed; it’s a problem we come across occasionally from customers.
It’s easily fixed; some of the inkjet nozzles, or the printheads, on the cartridge may be blocked or the ink may just need a little ‘nudge’ to get it to release. It’s a common occurrence with new cartridges or ink cartridges that have been unused or stored for a while. To help get your ink flowing smoothly again follow the steps below to run your cleaning and/or maintenance program for your printer.

This is for Windows 10 users with an HP inkjet printer; it may be slightly different for earlier versions of windows and different manufacturers but the principle is the same.
1. Open the control panel menu on your PC and select “View devices and printers”. It can be found under “Hardware and Sound”
2. Choose the printer to be cleaned and right click. Select “properties” in the drop-down menu.
3. Choose the cleaning tab. Different printers might have it listed under different…

Take Your Camera To - The Maharajah's Well

What is the link between India and the quiet English village of Stoke Row, near Henley On Thames?

In the middle of an Oxfordshire village is a stunning well with an interesting history that’s worth spending time to look at.
It’s a 25ft-high iron and gilt, Indian temple well with winding gear. An unexpected find in the middle of the English countryside, this stunning well was a gift made to the village in the mid 1800’s by the Maharajah of Benares (now Varanasi).
Find out more and view all images of this fascinating place in our article
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With the ever increasing concern about the rise in plastic water bottles, waste mains-fed water machines are more environmentally friendly than bottle fed water machines; there is no plastic going into landfills. Not only that, employees can fill up their own water bottles or cups, reducing the need for plastic cups saving you even more.

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