Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Brother MFC-L2740DW - Perfect for the small office

If you are looking for an inexpensive, mono laser printer, then the Brother MFC-L2740DW is perfect for the small office. 

The MFC-L2740DW is a multifunction laser printer that scans, prints and faxes and with its small footprint will fit snugly into the smallest of offices. With a 35 sheet paper feed the Brother MFC-L2740DW comes with duplex (double-sided) printing. With a range of wireless options, the L2740DW is ideal for network printing and offers scanning to PC and emailing direct from the printer itself.

Print quality is clear and precise and print speeds are around 30 pages per minute. The MFC-L2740DW can also be used as a fax machine and copier which is a simple process and direct emailing is possible by typing in email addresses on the touchscreen to send emails.

The Brother MFC-L2740DW won’t break your budget, it is very affordable at around £200 and toner cartridges are reasonably priced with a standard capacity (1,200 pages) Brother TN2310 Toner Cartridge at £21.89 and the high capacity (2,600 pages) Brother TN2320 toner cartridge priced not much more at £24.06. The Brother DR2300 drum unit is priced at £33.37, but this shouldn’t need replacing too often, if at all, during the life of the printer.

The Brother MFC-L2740DW is easy to use, simple and practical and very affordable with low cost toner cartridges. It is easy to set up, which can even be done through a network with a password.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Get High-Quality Results With the Compatible 4-Colour Samsung CLT-P4072C Toner Cartridge Multipack.

Looking for low cost, high quality toner cartridge alternative, for your Samsung CLX-3185 laser printer? Then look no further than the compatible 4 colour Samsung CLT-P4072C toner cartridge multipack.

With individually packaged toner cartridges the compatible Samsung CLT-P4072C toner cartridge set contains the black, cyan, magenta and yellow CLT-4072S printer cartridges. Manufactured using toner powder formulated to a premium standard and fully tested for compatibility with your Samsung CLX-3185 printer, the Samsung CLT-P4072C print cartridge set ensures lower printing costs and high-quality results on a wide selection of media types.

The compatible Samsung CLT-P4072C toner cartridge multipack contains the following individually packaged Toner Cartridges:

Making document printing more affordable in the busy office environment, the Samsung CLT-P4072C toner cartridge multipack is an ideal Samsung toner cartridge replacement for Samsung CLX-3185 toner cartridges in the budget conscious office.

The compatible Samsung CLT-P4072C toner cartridge multipack is compatible with the following Samsung laser printers:

With the same yield as genuine Samsung CLT-4072 toner cartridges, buying replacements will be less frequent.

Friday, November 20, 2015

How to replace Samsung CLX-3185 Toner Cartridges

The Samsung CLX-3185 printer range uses four colour toner cartridges:

Low toner warnings are provided by the status LED and the message screen indicating which toner needs replacing. Before replacing the toner cartridge, check the model number for the toner cartridge used in your machine.

Before commencing maintenance on any laser printer, turn the machine off and allow it to cool. Laser printers can get quite hot.

Opening the front door completely on the Samsung CLX-3185 using the handle

Hold both handles on the toner cartridges that need replacing; pull to remove the cartridge from the printer.

Remove the new toner cartridge from its box. Don’t use sharp objects such as a knife or scissors to open the toner cartridge package.

Remove the hopper sheet from the new toner cartridge by pulling.

To evenly distribute the toner in the cartridge, hold both handles and thoroughly rock it from side to side

Remove the protecting cap by placing the toner cartridge on a flat surface and remove as shown below.

Warning: If toner gets on your clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash it in cold water. Hot water sets toner into fabric.

Make sure that the toner cartridge colour matches the slot colour and then hold the handles on the toner cartridge. Insert the cartridge until it clicks into place.

Close the front door. Make sure the door is securely latched and then turn the machine on. If the front door is not completely closed, the machine will not operate.

Your new Samsung CLX-3185Toner Cartridges are ready to print.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brother DCP-L2500D Review

An entry-level all-in-one mono laser printer, the Brother DCP-L2500D aimed at small office and home office (SOHO) users. With a price tag of around £70 -£80 it is very attractive to anybody on a tight budget. With print, scan and copy facilities and the ability to print duplex pages it is a very handy machine. In response to the more flexible and quicker inkjets being launched, and printer ink prices falling this range of laser printers continues to drop in price.

The DCP-L2500D has a small desktop footprint, but is quite deep when you get to the scanner cover as it tapers out from bottom to top. The scanner is a Contact Image Scan (CIS) flatbed for text and photos. The L2500D has a full-width control panel, based around a two-line, 16-character LCD display. Below the control panel is a slot for paper output and this has a small, flip-over paper stop to catch printed pages. Below that is a flip-down cover which becomes a single-sheet paper feed for special media. At the bottom is a 250-sheet paper tray for A4 sheets.

In front of the scanner is a full-width control panel, based around a rather skimpy two-line, 16-character LCD display, without a back-light. Given the cost of an LED, it’s hard to see why all display panels can’t be fitted with one.

Below the control panel is a slot for paper output and this has a small, flip-over paper stop to catch printed pages. Below that is a flip-down cover which becomes a single-sheet paper feed for special media. At the bottom is a 250-sheet paper tray for A4 sheets.

The DCP-L2500D has no wireless or network connection, though these are available on other machines in the range, connection is a USB socket at the back.

The Brother DCP-L2500D uses the Brother TN2310 toner cartridges which produce 1,200 pages, or the higher capacity Brother TN2320 toner cartridges which will give you a whopping 2600 prints. These are installed behind the front cover.

Brother rates the DCP-L2500D at 26ppm, which is pretty impressive, in real terms, this is a good turn of speed for a low-cost printer. In duplex mode the machine still manages 10.6 sides per minute
The high capacity toner cartridge gives a cost per page of 3.0p, this is good when compared with other laser printers at similar price, and even with some inkjets.

As a comparison, Samsung Xpress M2070 is perhaps the best match, at around £80 and it offers a similar specification.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

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