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Ink saving Tips from

Ever wonder why your toner cartridges
use so much toner?
Here at we are frequently asked by our customers “why is my printer using so much ink or toner?” or “why won’t my cartridge print the specified number of pages at 5% coverage?”

So, here is a summary of two articles found in The Sprint-Ink Blog with tips on how to save printer ink or toner before printing your documents.

The 5% Average Coverage Rule
The ‘Based on 5% Average Coverage’ seen on all printer cartridge packaging and printer supplies websites, including, is a standard which allows Printer Cartridge Manufacturers to calculate how many pages your cartridge will print. Using this standard, any new cartridge can be run in a printer under specified printing conditions and print a set amount of pages. This number of printed pages is the figure which you see on our website

To find out more about this standard and how it can be used to save your printer ink and toner refer to the following article:

The Print Preview Button
The ‘Print Preview’ button allows you to preview the document printing. Use it before you print any pages especially internet pages, emails etc. and select and print only the parts of the page you need

Use Compatible  or Remanufactured Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges.
Available at half the cost of original (OEM) cartridges most printer ink and toner cartridges are available in generic form, and some have more ink!

Use your cartridges at least once a week.
Use your ink cartridges on a weekly basis. You may not need to print documents daily but leaving your ink cartridges or toner cartridges for long periods of time without use will cause them to dry up. If you don’t need to print anything just run the maintenance program for your printer such as a test page or head cleaning program.

Use the black printer ink only
If you are printing unimportant documents, just use the black printer ink or toner. Set your printers default to print in black, and use the colour ink for those more important projects.

Use the draft setting.
The Draft setting can be found in your printer set up program. This prints much faster and the ink usage per page is a lot less than the normal setting
Only Print What You Need,
Don’t print any old thing, Try to restrain yourself. Most documents can be kept on your computer these days; you can back them up onto DVD, CD or hard drive when you do not need a printed copy.

An in-depth article about saving printer ink can be found in the following:
How to save your Printer Ink


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