Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Save on mailing costs with Francotyp Postalia MyMail franking machine cartridge

FP MyMail Franking Ink Cartridge available as a compatible ink
With the continual rising cost of metered mailing supplies choice and value for money has never been more important to you the customer. The FP MyMail franking machine ink cartridge is available as a Compatible Printer Ink cartridge, with a full warranty and 100% return guarantee.

Francotyp 58.0032.0021.00 compatible
cartridge for the FP mailing MyMail
Made from premium quality materials, the compatible red Francotyp Postalia MyMail franking machine cartridge, also known as 58.0032.0021.00, work with the same speed and precision as a genuine Francotyp 58.0032.0021.00-CPT cartridge. The only difference is you pay a lot less for this compatible Francotyp Postalia ink.
With constant investment into research and development the compatible version of the MyMail Franking Machine Ink Cartridges is fully tested to print exactly the same amount of impressions as an FP Mailing Mymail franking machine cartridge bought from Francotyp Postalia Mailing.
Available in blue ink these compatible franking Machine Ink Cartridges have a yield of 3500 print impressions per cartridge, producing a very impressive 2.0 pence per print impression, nearly half the saving against an original.
Designed to print professional quality outgoing mail with finely detailed lettering, this compatible red Francotyp My-Mail franking ink saves you money without a drop in quality or performance.

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